ANS Holding’s extensive journey in the microfinance industry began in 2005, when founder Zainal Abidinsyah Siregar acquired 28 state-owned BPRs (“rural banks”) from BNI.

To strengthen the organization’s management and capital, the 28 BPRs were consolidated into 14 banks. Further mergers occurred throughout the years; today, there are 9 BPRs in ANS Holding spread across 42 cities in Java and Sumatra, Indonesia.

In order to provide more financial services in a wider range of business fields, PT Arthatama Nusa Sejahtera and PT Gadai Arthatama Niaga Sejahtera were established in 2017.

PT Arthatama Nusa Sejahtera was created as ANS Group’s holding company for microfinance, with a purpose to expand financial inclusion and improve financial literacy in Indonesia.

Along with the digital transformation in the financial sector, ANS Holding entered the field of digital finance with its acquisition of PT Trust Teknologi Finansial (TrustIQ) in November 2019.

  • 2005
    PT ANS was Founded. Acquisition of 24 state-owned BPRs. Consolidation from 24 to 14 BPRs
  • 2017
    Consolidation from 14 to 9 BPRs. Establishment of PT GANSS (2017)
  • 2020
    Acquisition of peer-to-peer platform PT Trust Financial Teknologi (TrustIQ)
  • Assets: IDR 380 Billion
  • Loan Portfolio: IDR 300 Billion
  • Liquid Funds: IDR 288 Billion
  • Assets: IDR 770 Billion
  • Loan Portfolio: IDR 664 Billion
  • Liquid Funds: IDR 647 Billion


PT ANS  owns 2 subsidiary companies :

PT Gadai Arthatama Niaga Sejahtera Syariah (PT GANSS) is an independent pawn broker company which was established in June 2017 and licensed by OJK to operate in West Java region.

PT TTF is a financial technology (FinTech) company providing peer-to-peer lending products and services in Indonesia.


Board of Director

Ivan Agustianto Prihadi
President Director


Board of Commissionaire

Andisya Nabila Siregar
President Commissionaire

Anbita Nadine Siregar