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In implementing financial inclusion and literacy, we collaborated with affiliated BPR ANS Group companies by providing Human Resources training services for BPRs :

  1.  PT BPR Arthaguna Mandiri
  2. PT BPR Wahana Sentra Artha
  3. PT BPR Citra Artha Sedana
  4. PT BPR Makmur Artha Sedaya
  5. PT BPR Sejahtera Artha Sembada
  6. PT BPR Swadharma Bangun Artha
  7. PT BPR Swadharma Artha Nusa
  8. PT BPR Artha Daya
  9. PT BPR Mitra Rakyat Riau
  10. PT BPR Mitradana Madani